With A Thankful Heart

Gratitude towards my awesome real estate clients

A Pleasant Discovery

While doing research on the internet one late night last week, I stumbled upon a simple yet elegant standalone website that was promoting a property for sale.

Upon closer examination of the pictures that were featured, I realised that they were for a property that I had sold last year.

As I scrolled down the page and read the write-up (which was very well written), I was astonished to see my name and number listed as the key contact person for anyone who was interested in the property.

The simple but elegant website which I found that showed my contact details and featuring a property that I sold one year ago.

The Website’s Creator

It left me feeling bewildered and curious.

Previously, I had seen rogue sites which had replicated entire sections of my website. But this one in front of me looked too genuine to be a spammy website.

After a couple of minutes, I figured out that it had to be the work of someone with good access to the property. And who else but the owner of the property had good access.

I sent the owner (now ex-owner) a friendly WhatsApp message and he confirmed my suspicions and thanked me for reminding him about it.

He thought it would be a good support site to assist me (silently in the background) with the sale of the property.

We had a good laugh about what happened.

A Thankful Heart

The owner’s act really touched my heart. When I look back, I have indeed been very fortunate and blessed to meet some very nice clients in my real estate journey over the years.

From sellers giving me keys to their place even though they are still staying there, to sellers/buyers trusting and adopting 100% of my proposal and to landlords telling me they are happy to terminate the lease for my sake because they do not like it that I have to deal with the difficult tenants.

Not forgetting also the American buyer whom I have never met before that decided to buy the one and only property that I recommended. We only spoke on the phone and exchanged emails (showed him pictures and plan). And he bought because he trusted my recommendation.

And now this – an auxiliary website to support me. Which I only discovered one year later.

He thought it would be a good support site to assist me (silently in the background) with the sale of the property.

Such acts really make me very thankful and appreciative of the privileged position that I am in. And at the end of the day, it is very satisfying when I fulfil what I have been tasked to do.

Do you get to work with awesome clients in the course of your work?

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