Singapore Home Staging Myths & Insider Tips

Singapore Home Staging Insider Tips

Singapore Home Staging: 8 Experts Debunk Home Staging Myths & Reveal Insider Tips

Every home seller wants to get the maximum possible price for the properties that they put up for sale.

Besides engaging a competent property agent to represent them and handle the sale, not every one of them understands what else they (or the property agent) can do in addition to that. Home staging is the additional thing that can be done.

The process of making a property presentable for the purpose of sale (or rental) is commonly known as home staging. In recent years, some have also referred to this as interior home styling.

With home staging gaining prominence and greater acceptance in the last couple of years, there have been more requests for home staging services (pls note that staging can go beyond residential properties) here in Singapore.

However, despite home staging’s increasing popularity, many home sellers still do not know or have misconceptions about home staging.

In fact, there are property agents who do not know about this as well.

It is with this in mind that I decided to approach 8 leading home staging experts here in Singapore to share their professional knowledge in this post.

These experts will debunk the greatest myth about home staging and reveal insider tips and ideas. I assure you that you can expect to have good takeaways.

But before I get to their sharing, let me touch on briefly about the importance of first impressions when you are marketing your property for sale or rent.

Real Estate First Impressions

If you have ever been to a showflat for a new launch condo before, you would have seen that EVERY SHOWFLAT is beautifully and impeccably set up with matching interior design and furniture.

Have you ever wondered why this is so?

The new launch developer does it simply because first impressions count.

Recall the time when you went for your first serious date with your partner. Did you make an effort to look good and present your best side? I am sure you get what I mean 🙂

But then you may be thinking about the following in your head.

Hey Jack, I am not a developer selling lots of units. I am just selling one unit.

Do I really need this? Absolutely.

Humans have a tendency to make snap judgments and are very consistent in the judgments we make about the things we see.

An exclusive research commissioned by Strutt & Parker (leading UK real estate firm owned by BNP Paribas Real Estate) involving 2,000 participants threw out the following numbers.

Real Estate First Impressions Stats Part 1
Real Estate First Impressions Stats Part 2
Image Credits: Strutt & Parker

I always tell my property sellers that when it comes to selling, if there is something that can be done to create a good first impression and that it is something within our control, we should always do it.

Do not leave things to chance as many a time, the small details could be that crucial factor that turns the tide in our favour.

Let’s hear it from the 8 home staging experts

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Now let us move on to the highlight of this post.

The three following questions were posed to the panel of home staging experts.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

I am pleased to present their inputs below, in alphabetical order.

Arete Culture - Caroline 270px

Arete Culture

Caroline Chin Gelyer is the Founder & Creative Director of the award-winning Arete Culture Group. Based in Singapore and Malaysia, the Group currently owns and operates Arete Culture, an interior decorating firm specialising in fast and fuss-free home makeovers; Arete Culture Outdoor Living, a retail arm of furniture and furnishings for the tropics; and Atelier by Arete, the Group’s latest creative endeavour offering full service interior design and standalone home customisation services. Arete Culture has completed over 750 home makeovers in Southeast Asia.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

That home staging is merely about cleaning and taking away your personal belongings to allow buyers to visualise themselves in the space. In reality, stripping a home of personal touches can often leave a space feeling cold and unwelcoming. You want to avoid the ‘showroom’ effect and instead ensure that your home properly reflects its potential by emphasising positive features and downplaying any negative ones.

Investing in the right kind of soft furnishings and personal touches are, in a lot of cases, essential to making a house feel warm and sophisticated. A fresh coat of paint and a reconfiguration of furniture are also useful.

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

A. Scent

Experiencing a home involves all your senses. Many people overlook how powerful home fragrances can be, but think about your favourite hotels or spas and you can often tie them to a specific scent.

Arete Culture - scent
Image credit: Arete Culture
B. Ambient Light

Lighting a home correctly immediately creates a cosy ambience at home. I always recommend using a combination of table lamps, task lighting, dimmers and even candles (or electric candles) to create a soothing glow at home.

Arete Culture - light
Image credit: Arete Culture
C. Carpets

A tactile experience underfoot always creates a warm and welcoming experience, but visually can also create a striking first impression. I prefer using abstract carpets in neutral colours with reflective or metallic accents to allow a space to look larger, or a large rug in a geometric pattern if you have older furniture.

Arete Culture - carpets
Image credit: Arete Culture

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

In general, we always look out for how we can improve the spatial flow of a home, allowing it to feel bigger and brighter. When potential homeowners look at a space, they want to envision how they can live there, and having a home look its biggest, cleanest, and airiest will help them do that. Sometimes this can be done with a simple paint or even wallpaper job. It also often entails reconfiguring furniture and possibly investing or renting key furniture pieces.

Cloud9 Interior - Chanda 270px

Cloud9 Interiors

Chanda Mungla is a gifted interior designer with a passion for creating beautiful and balanced spaces. Cloud9 Interiors is the result of Chanda realising her gift/talent of designing interiors.

With over 60 successfully completed projects, Chanda is very excited and optimistic to move forward in this journey!

Chanda lives in Singapore with her husband and two school-going sons.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

The biggest misconception about staging is that it’s expensive. This comes from unawareness of staging and it’s benefits.

Staging is extremely popular in the United States and there are statistics to prove that it directly impacts the $ positively in a rental or a sale. However, in the eastern world, it’s not as popular yet.

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

Plants, lamps and good fragrances.

Singapore Home Staging - accessories 1
Image credit: Cloud9 Interiors

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

The entrance to the home and the vibe as you walk in. You will know in an instant if you connect with the home and whether it’s for you.

Singapore home staging - Cloud9 - before staging
Image credit: Cloud9 Interiors. Before home staging.
Singapore home staging - Cloud9 - after staging
Image credit: Cloud9 Interiors. After home staging.
Expats Furniture Rental - Rachelle Bermudez 270px


Rachelle Bermudez has over 12 years of experience in the Interior Design industry. She possesses a Degree in Business Administration Major in Management and has a Specialist Diploma in Interior and Landscape Design.

A go-getter and an adventure-seeker who is willing to go to great lengths for her career, she continuously explores different parts of the world to understand the different culture and design around us.

Rachelle is currently the Sales and Design Manager of Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

It is expensive.

Staging is an investment. Based on statistics, homes that are staged can be sold faster compared to those that are not.

Expats Furniture Rental - table setting
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

Accessories play a very important role in completing and playing off the design. This is where we add the finishing touches, create the desired textures, shapes and colours to complete the décor. Stopping short of this very important final step is much like getting dressed up without putting on jewelery or shoes!

Expats Furniture Rental - kitchen
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd
a. Lamps

Light plays an important role in setting the mood and ambience for a living space. Adding lamps in a unit that has bad lighting will create a very big difference!

Expats Furniture Rental - bedroom lamps
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd
B. Plants & Flowers

Humans tend to be drawn to environments that have supported human life. A such, responding and reacting to nature is part of our genetic make up. This is called Biophilia.

Using plants and flowers throughout can add much-needed colours to rooms dominated by neutral shades. While you do not need to overdo with plants and flowers on every surface, every room in the home can be elevated with flowers.

Expats Furniture Rental - plants
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd
C. Carpets

This is to soften the area and make the room more cozy.

Expats Furniture Rental - dining rug
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

Space planning – Home Staging helps the potential buyer to visualize how the house will look like when there’s furniture.

Expats Furniture Rental - space planning
Image credit: Expats Furniture Rental Pte Ltd
Esco Leasing - Felicia Koh 270px


Felicia Koh is an experienced and innovative interior designer who focuses on putting art and science to work. She loves good design, not just for its own sake but for what it can do for people.

Interior design is not just a career for Felicia – it’s a passion of 32 years. Her motivation in good designs is the ability to improve individual lives through tiny changes on a massive scale. Design is something that doesn’t come out of a need for prettiness, but out of the necessity to give form to your doing. She desires to help clients understand their doing by finding a visual language. Her work is based on discussion and insight. It is important to her that the goal is reached together. Design happens when communication gets structured and condensed.That is why she likes to collaborate with professionals from different field; be it local or global.

Felicia loves meeting interesting and eclectic people, and enjoys the variety of experiences that a design career provides. Her design firm, Gallery 278, does more than decorate – their services extend themselves to ones such as furniture leasing to break budget limitation that often hinders the desired look.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

One of the biggest misconceptions about home staging is that it is an unnecessary expense. However, not many owners understand that prospective buyers literally give the first 10 seconds to firm up a best first impression when they walk in the development.

Home staging helps to highlight the features of the home and you’ll find that it exponentially reduces a property’s time on the market, that buyers find it easier to visualize a staged property and it increases the dollar value offered.

Plus, we help with interior layout advise and we give a discounted rate off our furniture rental rates when you let us know it will be used for staging purposes.

Singapore home staging - Esco - living 1
Image credit: Gallery 278 by Esco Leasing

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

We hand-pick furnishings from our in-house inventory that will complement each home giving it individuality. We design and space plan to create a seamless journey from room to room that is appealing and inviting to potential buyers. We call this, the poem of space. The rhythm and rhyme created to have a flow of aesthetic appeal and organic feel.

a. Dining Table

Boat or eclipse-shaped dining tables may be unconventional and a refreshing look can really help to add alternating rhythm for the overall scheme of the space compared to the usual rectangular tables. Our rounded or chamfered edges dining tables have been popular with home-staging (and are kid-friendly too)!

B. Bed

A fully dressed bed in the master bedroom also helps create a cozy and homey feel. Dress it up in clean linens and it really makes a big difference to the room with luxurious bedding, Designers Guild accent pillows and bed sashes are my favourites!

Singapore home staging - Esco - bedroom
Image credit: Gallery 278 by Esco Leasing
C. Plants

We can lease almost anything and everything including plants. ‘Potted plants’ and softscape to add a touch of greenery and nature to the home – plants and foliage are always a welcome accessory to make an understated yet luxuriously spectacular home.

Singapore home staging - Esco - accessories
Image credit: Gallery 278 by Esco Leasing

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

As space is premium in Singapore, we always seek to make it look spacious yet full of possibilities with multi-functional furniture that create a pleasing expression! We have a flexible leasing scheme with diverse inventory that can complement your existing antique vases or artworks. And an in-house alterations and carpentry team, who can work together with you on custom pieces for any ‘nooks or crannies’ that create value-add fine ambience to your property.

Singapore home staging - Esco - living 2
Image credit: Gallery 278 by Esco Leasing

Come and chat with our home stylists to integrate the affective and aesthetic experience of converting your property into a poetically-inspired space. Let these subtle changes speak loudly the musicality of the created design in your projects.

HyggeHomey - Nicole 270px


Nicole Pang nosedived into the advertising world 20 years ago and created campaigns that went from tapping on the social behaviours to exceeding KPIs for major clients. An enchanting journey indeed to have picked up numerous awards from renowned shows including a Gold EFFIE, the most prestigious award show that recognises marketing effectiveness.

Now for the love of interior, she is the founder and creative director of HyggeHomey Pte Ltd; a premium property staging and interior design company.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

Many sellers kick start the sale of their homes or new properties making certain critical decisions. Yet they deem home staging as optional. Typically, sellers consider the sale of their homes more from their own point of view and that is understandable.

Home staging would help their target audience which is the buyers become inspired about their future home hence making a firmer offer.

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

a. Wall Art

Wall Art as they create a gallery feel, giving buyers an overall better viewing experience.

HyggeHomey Property Staging Wall Art
Image credit: HyggeHomey
B. Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are great for creating that warm glow for the entire room, bringing about positive vibes.

HyggeHomey Property Staging Bedroom
Image credit: HyggeHomey
C. Carpet

Just like wall art, carpets have the same effects of enhancing buyers’ experience. It also gives a good background setting to everything within a space. Last but not least, where we can, we love to inject scents and plants.

HyggeHomey Property Staging Carpets
Image credit: HyggeHomey

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

Interestingly, the first thing is also the most essential element of all homes. That is its overall lighting, which extends from natural to artificial. A good portion of light has the power to attract as well as convey a sense of warmth.

On top of ensuring that the original lightings are in working order, we curate light-enhancing accessories, like lamps, bright decorative and wall art pieces in our staging designs.

Singapore Furniture Rental - Kelvin Yeo

Singapore Furniture Rental

Kelvin has been in the interior design/home improvement industry since the beginning of his career. In 2013, Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) was born as an online furniture rental company.

Today, SFR has well-established the status of being the No. 1 Home Staging company in Singapore with over 1000 units staged in the past 3 years alone. We pride ourselves as a one-stop service platform for property agents, homeowners and developers alike – offering a wide range of services ranging from furniture rental, home staging and even property videos.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

A lot of people are still not familiar with home staging. They might have heard of it but have never used the service before. One of the most common misconceptions is, many people thought that only vacant units can be staged. It is definitely easier to stage a vacant unit but owner-occupied units can be staged too.

Singapore Home Staging - LIVING BEFORE
Image credit: Singapore Furniture Rental. Living room before staging
Singapore Home Staging - LIVING ROOM AFTER
Image credit: Singapore Furniture Rental. Living room after staging

Another misconception is that staging is only for photoshoot purposes. But in fact, not only is photography included in the home staging package, but the items will also remain in the unit until the property is sold or the lease of staging ends.

We want the buyers to feel as attracted to the unit when they are in the unit itself, as when they are first attracted to the online listing.

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

Every staging will include carpets, lamps, and art pieces. In a lot of regular homes, you will not find these accessories. But when buyers walk into a staged unit with carpets, lamps and art pieces, the staged unit instantly stands out from the rest and looks more welcoming.

Singapore Home Staging - STAGED BEDROOM
Image credit: Singapore Furniture Rental

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

We always look at the living and dining areas first. These two areas are usually the area buyers walks into first when they visit for viewings. We want to make sure these areas are nicely staged, to create a positive first impression. Most buyers decide whether they like the unit in the first 15 seconds of stepping into the property.

Therefore, it is very important to stage the living and dining areas.

Singapore Home Staging - LIVING DINING
Image credit: Singapore Furniture Rental
Tubear - Nicholas 270px


Nicholas Ong, is the founder of TUBEAR, a one stop service provider for property agents’ marketing needs. We provide 3D Virtual Tour, Virtual Staging, Videography & Photography services.

Good visuals sell property faster & we believe in creating good visuals using technology to showcase the potential of all types of properties.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

That home staging is an expensive marketing tool, and it cost even more to stage a luxury property.

However, With virtual staging, it is not as expensive as you think. It cost less than traditional home staging while still allowing buyers to visualize living in a space by paying a low, one-time fee per image.

Virtual staging refers to adding realistic, stylish furniture to a listing’s image. It’s quick & easy, and our vast portfolios of furnishings and décor options are not limited to what physical pieces are available to rent. With up-to-date furnishings and accessories, virtual staging is a good option for homes with different layout & colour scheme.

Another misconception is the thinking that staging cannot be done for an occupied unit and that removing unwanted items is a hassle.

A staged house will stand out above all the rest and better photos will draw a larger group of prospective buyers to view the property and create more interest for offers.

Virtual staging & virtual decluttering can be done without sellers moving a single furniture & does not affect their everyday life.

singapore virtual home staging - before staging
Image credit: Tubear. Before virtual home staging
singapore virtual home staging - after staging
Image credit: Tubear. After virtual home staging

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

The 3 most important accessories are: carpet, art pieces and plants.

These accessories help to bring life to the photo making the property look more inviting.

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

The first thing that I will seek to improve will be to declutter the items in the unit.

A cluttered unit does not showcase the potential of the space. Only by decluttering will then be able to see the layout of the house clearly. Therefore, through virtual decluttering, it helps to remove the bulky items in the property to showcase it’s potential.

Thereafter, add in virtual furniture with virtual staging, to visualise the room before moving in actual furniture, it’s a hassle-free method especially for units in which homeowners who have stayed in for many years & difficult to declutter their items.

Therefore, it is very important to stage the living and dining areas.

WTP - Naazli Somjee - 270px

WTP, The Furniture Company

Naazli Somjee is a fourth-generation Singaporean; a US graduate with a double degree in economics and psychology. She started her career in private banking and after 2 years realised that it was not the job for her.

She then joined the WTP in 2010, in a sales position, learning about materials and furniture styles. With time, the role evolved into actually designing pieces and sourcing for new products from all over the world. She is always on the lookout for new trends, material combinations and design ideas.

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about home staging?

The biggest misconception about home staging I would say is homeowners think staging a home is just tidying up and decorating.

Home staging is not just that. It is to highlight the features of the property and probably most importantly, to create an ambience that can connect with the potential buyer so that they can imagine themselves living in it.

Singapore home staging - WTP - living
Image credit: WTP, The Furniture Company

Q2. What are the three most important accessories that you use for home staging?

An art piece, a piece of rug and accent cushions

Singapore home staging - WTP - bedroom
Image credit: WTP, The Furniture Company

Q3. What is the first thing in a property that you always look out for and seek to improve first?

The focus is always the first main living area followed closely by the dining area and master bedroom. The idea is you want to create the wow factor as soon as they step into the house.

The goal of staging is to make a home appealing and inviting to as many potential buyers as possible. More than just increase your chances of selling, it is able to increase the value of the sale dramatically.

Singapore home staging - WTP - accessories
Image credit: WTP, The Furniture Company

In Conclusion

Wow! What an amazing collection of insider tips!

I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting this together.

My sincere thank you and appreciation to all the experts featured above for participating and making this expert roundup possible.

Are you ready for your first home staging experience?

Get in touch with any of these home staging experts featured here and watch them do their magic.

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