Treasure at Tampines: 11 Reasons To Make This Your New Home

When it comes to finding a place to live, you can view it as merely a place to rest your head after a long day of work. Or see your home as your sanctuary – a respite where you can escape from the outside world and enjoy the fun and the freedoms of home. Either way, Treasure at Tampines is the right place for you.


Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with roughly 17 million tourists per year. As much fun as it is to visit Singapore, imagine how much better it would be to live there. In Singapore, nearly 92% of its residents are homeowners, making it one of the best places to own a home. Many Singaporeans live in public government housing, which is quite lovely, and the rest of the Singaporeans live-in privately-owned housing.


If you’re looking for a home that offers every conceivable amenity possible, provides a great sense of community and is affordable, look no further.


Jack is going to walk you through 11 reasons why your life will be undeniably better when you move to (or invest in) Treasure at Tampines today.


Careful not to drool too much.

#1. Treasure at Tampines is the Cheapest New Launch Condo

In Singapore, for new launch condos released for sale in 2019, the standard going price to own a condo is generally $1 million or higher. There are only a few condominiums that start lower than that at around $670,000 for a 1-bedroom.


Treasure at Tampines is significantly cheaper, starting at $585,000 (for the base, 1-bedroom units) on its launch day on March 15, 2019. This fantastic price gathered the attention of consumers fast, and the units have been selling quickly.


At this moment, the entry price is about $645,000 for the base 1-bedroom condo while the five-bedroom (1,722sqft) starts at only $1,886,000 (nearly anything else that size in Singapore would cost upwards of $2 million!). Please note that price updates are dynamic, and this page may not always reflect the most current price. If you want to know the most recent price, call +65 9337-8483 or use the whatsapp chat button on the left!

Treasure at Tampines Balcony View
The maintenance fee at Treasure at Tampines is also relatively cheap, starting at $164 per month. With all the many amenities to choose from, you can’t beat that price. Beautiful housing that’s also the most affordable private housing option on the market? Yes, please.

#2. Treasure at Tampines is Developed by the Renowned Sim Lian Group

Most people might gloss over who the developer of their condo is; however, in this case, the developer is one of its biggest pluses. The Sim Lian Group is famous around Singapore for developing and constructing some of the most diverse, functional, and beautiful properties. The Sim Lian group has been around for over 40 years and has relatively humble beginnings.


According to its website, “Sim Lian Group has fostered a culture of excellence guided by its prudent and long-term view on all business opportunities. Not only do the inherent tenacity, resilience, and determination imbued in the Group form the basis of its groups, it also enables the Group to understand the journey and aspirations of individuals, families, investors, businesses, and communities in which it provides for.”


The Group prides itself in providing opportunities for people to jumpstart and achieve milestones in their life (like owning a private home at an affordable price).


So, not only did the developer create a gorgeous condominium project with all the bells and whistles, it also created homes with you in mind so that you can confidently know that what they have come up with at Treasure at Tampines is highly practical, functional, and efficient – while also feeling like a resort.


Because of their well-known reputation, you can rest assured that Treasure at Tampines, being a Sim Lian condo development, will be a product of quality.

Treasure at Tampines overview
Treasure at Tampines was created with you in mind so that you can confidently know that what they have come up with at Treasure at Tampines is highly practical, functional, and efficient - while also feeling like a resort. Because of their well-known reputation, you can rest assured that Treasure at Tampines, being a Sim Lian condo development, will be a product of quality.

#3. Treasure at Tampines is in the Heart of Tampines

The town of Tampines earned its name after the ‘Tempinis’ tree. In Tampines’ early days, those trees were abundant in the area. Development began in Tampines in the 1980s as part of the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) initiative during the housing crisis in 1960. Upon its completion, Tampines was awarded the World Habitat Award in 1992 recognizing it as an innovative and successful human settlement.


Tampines is one of the most sought-after towns to live in in all of Singapore and in 2013, HBD launched “Future Homes, Better Lives” which essentially means that they’re building new housing throughout Tampines. We expect this to have a significant impact on those who buy private properties in this location. The increase in vibrancy, new common facilities, improved infrastructure and accessibility are all things the buyer who buys a Treasure At Tampines unit can look forward to in the days ahead.


Aside from its exciting history, Tampines also is home to the Tampines Eco-green which showcases different natural habitats like the freshwater wetlands and rainforest. Visitors can access the Eco-green via a biking trail and can also hang out at the Sun Plaza Park.


In addition to the Eco-green, Treasure at Tampines is also home to the Our Tampines Hub, which is the first integrated community and lifestyle hub in Singapore. The Our Tampines Hub features a plethora of sports facilities, a regional library, a Festive Arts Center and more.

Our Tampines Hub
According to the Singapore People’s Association, the Our Tampines Hub “represents a new model of a community-focused development, celebrating the full sense of community through meaningful engagement, enriching residents through multiple experiences and empowering them to stake ownership of the hub, so as to build a robust identity for Tampines and a truly sustainable community.”

#4. With 702,164 sq. ft of Land, There’s Room for Everyone

Technically speaking, Treasure at Tampines will have 2,203 residential apartments by its expected completion date in 2023. Considering that each apartment is expected to house anywhere between one and seven (possibly) residents, Treasure at Tampines can accommodate quite a few people. However, no one is worried about not having enough space.


The number of facilities, the amount of land, and generous square footage within each unit will ensure that no one ever feels cramped. Another huge plus is that, with this many units to split the maintenance costs, Treasure at Tampines has one of the lowest maintenance costs around.

Treasure At Tampines - spacious land
Additionally, the condos sit on a property that spans over 702,164 sq. Ft (that’s the equivalent of 11 football fields). On a property that size, there’s room for everyone to live their own private lives while still feeling like part of a community and enjoying the many amenities that the property offers.

#5. Live a Hassle-Free Life with Easy Access to Town Gems

Living at Treasure at Tampines is not only a beautiful place to live with incredible property amenities but also very close to some of Tampines greatest town gems (as well as other essential things like hospitals).


Tampines Mall & Century Square

Imagine leaving home and meeting all your shopping needs in one place. With Tampines Mall and Century Square nearby, you can.


Tampines Mall is one of Singapore’s most beautiful suburban malls. At Tampines Mall, you can enjoy shopping at over 100 shops including clothing stores like Aldo, Converse, and H&M; skincare stores like Kiehl’s and L’Occitane; gadget stores like Gadget Mix; and more. Aside from satisfying all your shopping needs, the Tampines Mall also offers many different dining options from fast food to five-star. There is also a movie theatre where you can catch up on the latest blockbuster hits.


Century Square is also a more standard mall in Singapore that is six stories tall. At Century Square you can find department stores, dining, and a movie theatre.


Jewel Changi, which has recently started operations, will also feature over 280 retail options that will be yet another added amenity to Treasure at Tampines.


Changi General Hospital

Changi General Hospital is also very close to Treasure at Tampines and is an award-winning public hospital. At Changi General Hospital, they offer an extensive range of medical services. Having a hospital near your home is a simple way to ensure you and your families health is in good hands.


Education at Your Fingertips

An important thing to consider when moving somewhere is to consider the schools surrounding the area. If you have kids or are thinking of going back to school, it’s nice to know that you have good education options nearby. At Treasure at Tampines, there are a plethora of schools to choose from ranging from primary to university.


Tampines Primary was awarded the School Distinction Award in 2016. The School Distinction Award recognizes schools that show exemplary educational practices and excellence. Receiving this award makes Tampines Primary a top choice primary school in Singapore.


There are six different schooling facilities near Treasure at Tampines, and each of them is a very reputable institution. The schools are Tampines Secondary, Pasir Ris, and Changkat Secondary School, Temasek Polytechnic, Anglican High School, and Tampines Junior College.


Finally, the Singapore University of Technology and Design is a six-minute drive or less than half an hour journey away (by public transport) from Treasure at Tampines. The university specializes in advancing a student’s knowledge and nurturing them to become technological leaders and innovators.


You could barely ever leave home and still receive a world-renowned, top-notch education by living at Treasure at Tampines.

Singapore University of Technology Design - 4km from Treasure at Tampines
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), which topped the list of emerging engineering schools in the world in a study commissioned by MIT, is only about 4km away from Treasure at Tampines.

#6. Treasure at Tampines Amenities

Within the grounds of Treasure at Tampines, is a world of amenities. 128 facilities to be precise. There is a large pool where you can swim, play, or relax in the sun. The complex also has an outdoor CrossFit gym as well as an indoor fully functional gym with dance studios, cardio equipment, and strength training machines and equipment.


There are many children’s playgrounds, a tenant activity room, meeting and banquet halls, and event spaces. Residents can bike along the Tampines Bicycle path and enjoy nature and wildlife at the Butterfly Garden.


Each of the condos at Treasure at Tampines has an incredibly functional layout featuring large halls and bedrooms. Additionally, there is a balcony on every apartment that faces a slew of desirable views like the pool, a park, greenery, etc. There is also a utility room in each apartment for a washer and dryer.

Treasure at Tampines Clubhouse
In addition to all the fun luxury amenities, practically speaking the complex also comes with basement parking and 24-hour security. There is something for everyone young and old at Treasure at Tampines, and every day is guaranteed to be an adventure.

#7. There is a World of Employment Possibilities In & Around Treasure at Tampines

Imagine having large companies all situated right in your neighborhood. Places like Seletar and Changi Airports. Those not only make it easier to travel around outside of Singapore, but they also offer a wide variety of jobs for both local and foreign residents.


There is also the Changi Business Park in Tampines, which is home to a plethora of businesses, and would all be within a short distance from your home at Treasure at Tampines. With so many companies based in and around Tampines, Treasure at Tampines truly is the ideal place to work, live, and play.

One@Changi City
Changi Business Park houses many business operations across a number of office buildings. One@Changi City featured above is one such building. Employment opportunity abounds and is close by Treasure at Tampines.

#8. If You Love Nature, You’ll Love Treasure at Tampines

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a mere 25-minute drive from Treasure at Tampines and prides itself on featuring “…nature in its pristine form. By Singapore’s location on the equatorial belt, the reserve has one of the richest and most diverse ecological systems. Visitors will see an astonishing variety of plant, animal and insect life, typical of humid equatorial climate.” The reserve, named after Singapore’s highest hill, Bukit Timah Hill, has provided a home to many botanical plants for more than a century. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the only remaining nature reserves in all of Singapore.


The Tampines Eco Green Park is walkable and bikeable from Treasure at Tampines and is a sanctuary for flora and fauna, as well as a place for nature recreation like hiking and bird watching. The park connects with the Tampines Biking Trail and the Sun Plaza Park making it incredibly easy to get to from your home at Treasure at Tampines.


The MacRitchie Reservoir is roughly a 15-minute commute from Treasure at Tampines and features many outdoor activities like hiking as well as kayaks and canoes. The iconic MacRitchie bandstand continues to house performing arts presentations and other ceremonies and events.


The MacRitchie Reservoir also features the Mushroom Cafe where you can enjoy a delicious meal like their sambal fish with rice, nasi lemak, or their chicken cutlet. They also serve breakfast in the morning, as well as finger food and snacks for those who are on the go.

Tampines Eco Green Park
We already know there are great indoor activities in and around Treasure at Tampines, but what about outdoor activities? When you live in such a developed neighborhood, can there be nature nearby? At Treasure at Tampines, yes there can. Parks nearby include Bedok Reservoir, Tampines Eco Green Park, and East Coast Park.

#9. With Easy Access to Trains & Expressways, the World is Your Oyster

If you have a car, Treasure at Tampines is right off the Tampines Expressway (TPE). The TPE connects you to nearby towns like Pasir Ris, Tampines, Punggol, and Seletar. Additionally, the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) is also in your neighborhood. That’s the expressway that takes you to the Changi Airport (eastern part of Singapore) and all the way to the western parts of Singapore.


If you do not have a car or plan to use public transportation, there are also many options for you at Treasure at Tampines. The Tampines Bus Interchange is about a 10-minute walk from the heart of Treasure at Tampines and headquartered on Block 124, which is also where you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to downtown Singapore.


In addition to public transportation, there are also bike lanes that help make your commute more comfortable and faster.

Tampines Cycling Path Network
In addition to private cars and public public transport options, Tampines also has numerous cycling paths with plans for the paths to be widened and bicycle crossings improved. Plan of the Tampines Cycling Path Network above as reported by The Straits Times.

#10. Never Go Hungry with Food Nearby

Treasure at Tampines is walking distance from one of the most famous landmarks in Singapore – the Tampines Round Market and Food Centre. The Tampines Round Market and Food Centre is what’s known as a “wet market,” which means that you can enjoy fresh meat like poultry, fish, and pork that hang around the market.


The market consists of not only stalls where you can purchase fruit, vegetables, and other food items but is also home to a slew of restaurants and shops. Famous and notable restaurants include Sarawak Kolo Mee, Joo Chiat Kim Choo Traditional Rice Dumplings, Kway Chap, 137 Market Pancake, 137 Lor Mee. The Food Centre will be your go-to spot for noodles, dumplings, porridge, rice, pork, chicken, and many other tasty dishes. Is your mouth watering yet?


If you do not have a car or plan to use public transportation, there are also many options for you at Treasure at Tampines. The Tampines Bus Interchange is about a 10-minute walk from the heart of Treasure at Tampines and headquartered on Block 124, which is also where you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to downtown Singapore.


Check out these 7 favourite hawker stalls for breakfast at Tampines Round Market put together by Miss Tam Chiak!

Tampines Round Market and Hawker Centre
Tampines Round Market and Hawker Centre is the popular go to place for fresh produce and local fare. This is right next door to Treasure at Tampines.

#11. Treasure at Tampines is in a Mature Estate

In Singapore, the housing market differentiates between mature and non-mature estates. Mature estates are ones with many amenities, and that has been around for over 20 years. While Treasure at Tampines is a new condominium project, it is located in Tampines which is in a mature estate.


Housing in mature estates are typically more expensive than non-mature ones; however, Treasure at Tampines is selling at non-mature prices, meaning, that you’re paying significantly less for a much better and more charming condo. To buy a condo at Treasure at Tampines is a real no brainer.

Tampines is home to a large part of the population in the East as an established regional centre, and a nexus of facilities catering to the employment, retail and recreational needs of residents.
Tampines is home to a large part of the population in the East as an established regional centre, and a nexus of facilities catering to the employment, retail and recreational needs of residents.

Treasure at Tampines Infographic

Summary of the 11 reasons to make Treasure at Tampines your new home.

Treasure at Tampines Infographic

An Investor’s Dream

Now that we’ve uncovered all the many reasons to go ahead and make the move to Treasure at Tampines let’s also look at why you as an investor should invest in Treasure at Tampines (as if the above wasn’t enough to convince you already)!

#1. Trustworthy Developers

Sim Lian Group developed and created Treasure at Tampines, so you can trust that your money is going towards an incredibly reputable and reliable group. Sim Lian Group has experience with building and creating communities that are fully functional, integrated, and bursting with opportunity.


Having already entirely sold over 15 residential developments, there’s no doubt that Treasure at Tampines will sell and be fully invested. You’ll want to be sure to be one of the first to invest in what is sure to become the sparkling Treasure of the East.

#2. Investing in the East

Treasure at Tampines officially opened for sale in March 2019. In just a few months, hundreds of units have sold already. As an investor, you likely want to invest in success and Treasure at Tampines is no doubt going to be a huge success.


Investing in Treasure at Tampines is not only investing in an affordable and likeable condominium. Investing in Treasure at Tampines is investing in the Singapore government’s plan for the East.

#3. Potential for a Healthy Return on Investment

Because of its size and affordability, there is a good chance of a very healthy return on investment in Treasure at Tampines in time to come. When you invest in a smaller (in terms of number of units), more expensive condominium, the condos may be more challenging to sell due to their higher price and the decreased transaction volume. You might see a decent return on your initial investment, but it could take many years to get there.

Are You Ready to Call Treasure at Tampines Your New Home?

If you are looking to move to Singapore from somewhere else or move within Singapore, Treasure at Tampines is an excellent place to call home if you are looking to stay in the eastern side of Singapore and want access to a large variety of facilities within a thriving community.


You will be able to take advantage of all that Tampines has to offer. With contemporary architecture, beautifully lush greenery, and gorgeously landscaped grounds, you will feel like you are living in a real work of art.


If the urban lifestyle is for you, there are so many different shops and restaurants that you can frequent. However, if the more rural and natural life is for you, there are countless reserves and natural parks within easy access of Treasure at Tampines that you can enjoy. From dawn to dusk, there is truly something for everyone young, old, big, and small to enjoy at Treasure at Tampines.

Treasure at Tampines building model which can be seen at the showflat.
With 29 residential blocks with 12 stories each, Treasure at Tampines will be home to an eclectic group of people at all stages in life with whom you can connect and build a community. There are 33 condo layouts for you to choose from ranging from a 1-bedroom to 5-bedrooms, and of them were created with you in mind.

You, Will, Be Glad You Decided to Call Treasure at Tampines Your Home

The location, price, and condos alone are reason enough to move to Treasure at Tampines, but it is the amenities where the complex shines. With 128 facilities and 13 pools, there is never a dull moment at Treasure at Tampines.


Additionally, the development offers two lap pools; two themed children’s playgrounds (in addition to the many other playgrounds on site), a slew of BBQ pavilions scattered around, gardens, and spas. You could do something different every day of the week for months before ever having to leave the compound.


There is also a two-story Treasure clubhouse that features a co-working space and event rooms. You can stay in shape at one of the most extensive 24-hour fitness facilities in Singapore. You can enjoy the benefits of living in Treasure at Tampines while also having access to the MRT station that can connect you to every other part of the island of Singapore. In addition to the MRT, residents can enjoy a free shuttle bus service to the Tampines MRT and the Changi Airport to make worldwide travel easier. As the property’s development company, the Sim Lian Group calls it, Treasure at Tampines is “a treasured address to build beautiful memories.”


Be sure to to schedule a private preview of the show flat to get a firsthand understanding of why Treasure at Tampines is a choice project that is worth your serious consideration as you contemplate your next real estate purchase.


This highly affordable new launch that Treasure at Tampines is will undoubtedly attract the informed buyers in today’s property market.

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