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Sell my Singapore property

Looking to sell your property in Singapore and wondering what happens from the moment you contact me?


For some, I understand that the act of calling someone you’ve never met to talk about what is probably your biggest asset can be unnerving.


I hope to alleviate your fears by outlining below, what happens when you get in touch to talk to me about selling your property.


1. The initial contact

When you get in touch, I will schedule a convenient time for me to drop by your property for a visit and to have a chat with you together with all other co-owners of the property.


At this point, the only information I need is the address of the property and whether it is vacant, tenanted or owner-occupied.


You may ask, “Can we not meet but talk on the phone first?“.


Yes, of course we can. I am always ready for a chat on the phone.


But I will likely only be able to answer general questions and nothing too specific as I have my checklist of tasks to perform prior to meeting you.


This ensures that we will have a fruitful and productive discussion.


It is my hope that you will have some good takeaways from the meet up.


Even if you ultimately decide not to engage me to help you sell your property in the end.


Sellers also like to ask:

Some sellers may ask me during our first telephone conversation (or over messages) how much their property can fetch.


Without having seen their properties, there is no way I will be able to tell.


Two properties that look identical on the outside can look vastly different on the inside and their valuation can vary greatly.


And when it comes to landed properties, there are so many more factors at play and it is absolutely critical to go on-site to see and assess.

sell my property - day of appointment

2. Day of appointment

You do not have to “specially” tidy up your property for the visit as I do not usually take photos during my first visit.


In order to achieve the best outcome, I believe in taking property photos using a wide-angle lens and tripod.


As they are bulky, I do not bring them with me every day. So you can relax and treat it as any other normal day.


I usually start by asking that you bring me on a tour of your property when I reach.


This quick tour allows me to know more about your property and as I walk alongside you, I will be putting myself in the shoes of a buyer.


You may ask, why does Jack put himself in the shoes of a buyer?


Putting myself in the shoes of the buyer

When a seller puts a property up for sale, there needs to be a committed buyer in order to have a successful closure.


This means the buyer is essentially the seller’s customer.


As such, we (both you and I) have to understand the customer – how the customer thinks, how the customer assesses and how the customer behaves.


If we can adapt our approach to selling the property to the needs of the buyer, we will have a higher chance of success.


I will also need your permission, to be frank, and open with you about my assessment of the property.


And then you can decide for yourself whether what I share, makes sense.


Is selling the best option?

After the tour of your property, comes probably the most important conversation that I will be having with you.


I will seek to understand why you are thinking of selling your property.


I have been in this line since 2010 and have encountered a number of cases where I discovered upon serious discussion with the sellers, that selling was seriously not the best option for various reasons.

If I feel that selling is not the right option, I would not hesitate to advise you not to proceed.


What price can the property fetch?

If we agree that the sale should proceed with good/valid reasons, I will share my assessment of what a buyer walking through your property is likely to be thinking about.


This will be followed by a discussion of what is the optimum sale price we can target to achieve if the property goes onto the market at this point in time.


Getting the price right is probably the most important ingredient for a successful sale and this is something both of us will have to agree on.


Marketing & time to think

I will then touch on how I plan to market and drive demand for your property in order to achieve the price that we have set.


We will confirm the terms of the engagement after all the above is done and I would be happy to give you and your other co-owners time/days to discuss if you would like to proceed to engage me to represent you in the sale of your property.


I hate it myself when someone pressures me to make decisions that do not have to be made at that instance.


There will not be any time pressure or old school tactics applied for you to make a decision on the spot because the whole conversation should be treated as a friendly and relaxing chit chat.


I am at your place just to understand your needs and to share my views with you.


Work with me if what I share makes sense and very importantly, you feel comfortable with me and you feel that you can trust me.


Sellers also like to ask:

How long will it take to sell my property?


I wish I can make bold claims like “3 days! 1 week!”. The truth is it really depends on a combination of factors.


  • Affordability of the property

The higher the price, the smaller the pool of buyers who can afford to buy. The wider the pool of buyers, the better the chance of securing a deal.


  •  The competition & supply

What is the competition like? How many comparable properties are on sale at the same time?


  •  General demand

Is there general and consistent demand for the particular property? At what rate are similar properties sold on a yearly basis?


  •  Is the property vacant, tenanted or owner-occupied?

This point affects a couple of things.


* Is it easy to access the property for viewing? It is usually more difficult to schedule viewings for properties that are occupied. Opportunities will be lost if there is perpetual difficulty in trying to arrange for viewing. This can happen if the occupier is perpetually overseas or if the property is only available for viewing at odd timing.


* Depending on the profile of the active buyer (buying to stay? buying to invest?), a tenanted property (for e.g), may be less attractive in a market where the bulk of the active buyers are buying to stay.


* If the property is occupied and happens to be cluttered, that may not allow us to present it in the best possible state. This, in turn, affects the sale.


The standard contract appointing me to act in the sale is for a period for 3 months.


It can sometimes take longer. Depending on what stage of the market we are in.


I am not able to promise the sky but I will endeavour to secure a buyer for your property in the quickest possible time.

sell my property - adventure begins

3. Let’s get it sold!

When you are ready to work with me to get your property sold, I will swing by your property again at your earliest convenience with my camera gear to take photos.


To achieve the best possible sales outcome, we will need to get your property presented in the best possible way both pre- and during the actual marketing.


I will guide you on what needs to be done and how we can create the best possible viewing experience for prospective buyers when we are at this stage.


4. What is working with Jack Sheo like?

The points above are really it.


I hope it sets your mind at ease and takes away any jittery feelings you may have about getting in touch.


You may be pleased to note that I have frequently been described as friendly and easy to talk to by clients who have engaged me to help them.


Check out the testimonials and reviews they have written for me.


I also enjoy writing about my real estate journey and you are more than welcome to have a read.


And when you are ready, get in touch with me to confirm if your impression is correct and to get your property sold 🙂

sell my property - sales trivia 2

5. Eleven sales trivia

I enjoyed putting this write up together and will end on a lighter note by sharing some sales trivia that will hopefully give you a little insight into the sales work that I do. Let’s talk soon.


(a) The fastest I have ever sold a property was 15 minutes into the first viewing and the longest, 9 months.


(b) I am equally comfortable in selling HDB flats, condominiums, landed houses, commercial and industrial properties. Having said that, the bulk of what I do lies in the residential segment.


(c) I have ever received very reasonable offer that is just shy of the seller’s expectation from a buyer who has never even seen the property. But I have to add that he was very familiar with the project.


(d) I have closed sale transactions past midnight and then had to immediately hit the road to deliver the contract and cheque to the parties involved.


(e) I have conducted viewings as early as 7am in the morning.


(f) There was once a buyer who viewed the property I was marketing 6 times before he committed to the purchase.


(g) The longest viewing I have ever conducted for one buyer was close to 2 hours. Ultimately she decided to proceed with the purchase on the spot. FYI, a typical viewing usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes for an apartment. It can be anything between 30 to 60 minutes for a landed property depending on how big it is.


(h) The first property I ever sold was a duplex unit at Sunrise Gardens. You never forget such milestones.


(i) Some property agents find it awkward to sell their own properties. Over the years, I have had the privilege of having been entrusted solely to sell properties belonging to a couple of property agents.


(j) The internet is borderless and overseas visitors approach me fairly regularly about selling properties in other countries. I have had to turn them all down because I handle the sale of Singapore properties ONLY.


(j) A foreign buyer once asked if he could use gold bars as purchase settlement. And when I told him no, asked if I could I get a buyer for his gold bars. Bizarre case.

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