Going the extra mile and a story that inspires


OrangeTee had its “OrangeTee Achievers Conference 2014” at the HDB Auditorium today. OrangeTee’s KEO, Mr Michael Tan kicked off the conference by touching on the topic “Make a deal and value-add our real estate services”. There was also a panel of distinguished speakers made up of OrangeTee achievers from 2013 and 2014 who touched on and exchanged ideas on some of the hot topics and challenges faced by real estate agents in the current market.

Going the extra mile

The following story was retold to us by one of the panellists today. She is currently marketing a condominium unit in the Orchard area. At present, a 5 star hotel sits right in front of this condominium. Besides the beautiful view of the neighbourhood that this high floor unit offers, occupants of the unit can also look directly at the rooftop of this 5 star hotel. Therein lies the issue.

The rooftop of this 5 star hotel is unsightly and messy. Potential buyers who visited the unit would ask her what that was and it inevitably played on the minds of these buyers. Most owners and agents alike would probably feel that there is nothing much that can be done. This agent was so determined to do something about it that she contacted the 5 star hotel directly and voiced her concerns to them. She even asked to speak to the chief engineer to see how the rooftop could be beautified. I am not sure what is the outcome of her request because the matter is still ongoing but the fact that she went the extra mile for her client is something we can all learn from. This is a wonderful example of what a good real estate agent can bring to the table.

The importance of keeping a positive mindset and being prepared to go the extra mile for our clients are two important traits that I believe real estate agents who desire to do well need to have. These are highly valuable traits that clients will appreciate. Something that I always believe in – if you take good care of your clients, your clients will take good care of your business.

An inspiring story

In the afternoon session, Michael also shared an inspiring story that clearly stirred the hearts of the attendees. He started by asking if anyone in the crowd had the experience of losing $20 million worth of assets. This guy called J lost $20 million worth of assets and his business during the Asian Financial Crisis. J basically lost everything. As J did not have any educational qualifications, he had to take on blue collar jobs (working both day and night) to support his family.

This went on for a few years until one day when J’s real estate agent friend suggested he become a real estate agent. This friend recommended that J join OrangeTee even though the friend was not with OrangeTee – the friend felt he would not be a good manager to J.

As J was still in financial difficulties at that time, this friend paid the joining fee for J and J ended up in OrangeTee. Michael recounted the conversation he had with J when he joined. J confided that he did not have the means to attend any of the training programs and Michael told him to go ahead and attend first. The fees would only be deducted when his commission is in. Being cash strapped, J also had difficulties paying for advertisements. A doctor friend of his offered to help him pay for the advertisements. J put his heart into this new real estate business and the rest as they always say, is history. J has consistently done well over the years and is always among the top performing real estate agents in OrangeTee.

I hope this story will inspire you as much as it did for the attendees at the conference today. Especially if you are facing challenges in your life at this moment. Stay positive and keep going!

Photo credit: Flickr/ Joel Montes de Oca

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