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7 Great Reasons To Join PropNex Singapore


There are a number of fantastic reasons why PropNex Singapore should be the property agency of choice for both aspiring new property agents and experienced property agents here in Singapore.


These are the 7 most important reasons. Stay focused 🙂

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1. The PropNex Singapore Brand


PropNex Singapore is a well known and established brand in Singapore’s real estate industry.


It has been listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange since June 2018 and has a regional presence with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Besides offering real estate brokerage services, it also offers the following,


  • Training
  • Auction Sale
  • Property Valuation
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Investment & En Bloc Sale


PropNex Singapore also has a global outreach through its partnership with Jones Lang Lasalle, a world leader in real estate services.


Jones Lang Lasalle owns a stake in PropNex’s project marketing arm, which has achieved stellar results in the project marketing scene in the last couple of years.


PropNex Singapore has also garnered numerous awards over the years.


This is one of the latest they have won.


Coming in first in the real estate agency category in Expat Living’s Reader Choice Award 2020.

PropNex clinched the gold award for Best Real Estate Agency

The positive brand association will overflow to the property agents of PropNex Singapore which can only be good for them.


The suite of complimentary real estate services provided by PropNex Singapore can also potentially lead to other business opportunities for them.

2. Largest Property Agency In Singapore


PropNex Singapore is the largest property agency in Singapore based on the number of registered property agents that it has.


It is also the largest home grown property agency in Singapore. At the time of this writing (updated Feb 2020), 8409 property agents are registered with PropNex Singapore.


This is 19.7% and 98% more than the second and third largest property agency in Singapore.

PropNex Singapore - largest Singapore real estate agency

What does it mean when a property agency is the largest in Singapore?


  • Greater economies of scale
  • Greater awareness of the brand
  • Greater networking opportunities
  • It is easier to pitch for projects


All of these serves to benefit the property agents associated with PropNex Singapore.


Check out the following video that shows PropNex Singapore’s journey to becoming the largest listed property agency in Singapore.

3. Strong Leadership Team


PropNex Singapore has a strong leadership team that is made up of very experienced and prominent leaders in Singapore’s real estate industry.


The prominent public faces of the management team include Ismail Gafoor (CEO), Alan Lim (Director), Lim Yong Hock (KEO) & Kelvin Fong (Executive Director).


Besides running the day to day operations of the company, these seasoned guys are quick to dissect any market movements, trends or government measures.


They are quick to put together action plans to help everyone of us make sense of what is happening and how to react to them.


Rest assured that the company’s direction and future are in good hands.


You can read more about them at PropNex Singapore’s management team page.

4. Quarterly Conventions & Consumer Empowerment Seminars


PropNex Singapore is the only real estate agency in Singapore to organise quarterly conventions every year. These conventions are a platform to,


Share forward-looking business strategies & direction.


Celebrate the successes of its TOP performing property agents.


Conduct discussion forums that are relevant to real estate practitioners.


Keynote addresses by prominent business & government figures

They are perfect for continued learning and public visibility.


Besides quarterly conventions, PropNex Singapore also regularly conducts consumer empowerment seminars to engage and empower consumers in their real estate investment journey.


Your clients get the opportunity to learn from these thought-provoking seminars and these are wonderful platforms for you to continue to engage with your clients in the years ahead.


These conventions and seminars not only serves to benefit your clients.


They also provide excellent learning and engagement opportunities for you and your cobroke agents.


These are some of the highlights:

Conversation with Minister K Shanmugam at PropNex Singapore’s Annual Convention 2014.

Speaker of the Parliament, Tan Chuan Jin, at PropNex Singapore’s Annual Convention 2015.

Madam President Halimah Yacoob at PropNex Singapore’s 2nd Quarterly Convention 2018.

PM Elect, Minister Heng Swee Keat will be the invited guest at PropNex Singapore’s 1st Quarterly Convention 2019.

5. Real Estate Training


There are good solid reasons why PropNex Singapore and the Powerful Negotiators Group have grown to where it is today.


Both PropNex Singapore (agency level) and the Powerful Negotiators Group (the group that I am with), have very comprehensive training programmes & workshops to cater to the diverse learning & training needs of their property agents.


They are aligned to the different stages of the property agents’ real estate career, learning interest and area of specialization.


I will focus this section on the training in the Powerful Negotiators Group.


The training blueprint is very comprehensive and is one of the main attractions for me when I made the decision to embark on a new chapter of my real estate career with my team at the Power Negotiators Group.


I cannot underline how important it is for one to have continued access to training programmes that are constantly revamped and updated in the evolving real estate industry.


This is extremely important for personal growth and for those like me who seek a solid platform for my team to grow.


The training programmes below are exclusive to property agents of the Powerful Negotiators Group.


Each programme consists of multiple modules/sessions that are carried out over several days.


These are some of the highlights.

Skillset - PUP Basic - Power Up Plus Basic

Power Up Plus – Basic (PUP Basic)


New to real estate? Equip yourself to start your career through Power Up Plus (Basic).


Through a mix of theory & practical sessions, you will learn how to kick start your real estate career, select the right sectors, GTA and projects to focus in.


This course is inclusive of role-play sessions where you will put into practice what you have learnt – definitely not to be missed by both new and experienced property agents.

Skillset - PUP Advance - Power Up Plus Advance

Power Up Plus – Advance (PUP Advance)


New to real estate? Equip yourself to start your career through our 9-session Power Up Plus (Advance) course.


Through a mix of theory & practical sessions, you will learn about the Landed, New Launch and Resale markets, and also how to use the right Techniques & Systems.


By the end of this course, you will be clear on how to kick start your real estate career, select the right sectors, GTA and projects to focus in. This 9-session course includes role-play sessions where you will put into practice what you have learnt – definitely not to be missed by new property agents!

Power Selling Techniques (PST)


Enhance your practical skills; train yourself on effective selling techniques, and learn to influence sellers to restructure their assets in today’s market conditions with our Power Selling Techniques course!


If you have attended either Power Up Plus or completed previous Focus Group sessions, or simply are an existing agent who wants to upgrade your skills, join this intensive 20 hours course and see your sales rise to the next level!

Financial - PST - Power Selling Techniques

Power Financial Presentation (PFP)


Our objective in this training will be focused on helping our property agents to overcome their fear and provide specific case studies for them to practice during the class.


They will then be asked to present their case study to the group, allowing them to share and learn from one another and improve their financial planning skills.


They will also be asked to work on the calculation and learn how to present them.


Our facilitators will be there to assist and share with them how the case study should be presented and what should be avoided during the presentation.

Financial - PFP - Power Financial Presentation

Once you are ready to dive deeper into a particular segment, there are more focused training programmes to look into.

Power Resale Techniques (PRT)


Power Resale Techniques is the latest and brand new training initiative from the Powerful Negotiators Group.


Property agents that have been looking to penetrate the resale private residential segment will benefit by learning how to deliver your presentation to win over clients by value-adding.


This PRT training will focus on helping teammates to DELIVER power-packed presentation that they can apply step by step with the proven formula.


Our on-the-ground facilitators will be able to assist and share with you how they have successfully closed many deals in their many years of experience in the private resale market.

Focused Resale - PRT - Power Resale Techniques

Power Landed System (PLS)


The training module has been designed for teammates to be confident and prepared to transact landed properties successfully.


Participants will attain in-depth knowledge and technical aspects of the landed property segment to close deals.


There will be emphasis on creating presentations for owners with pricing mastery, which will result in obtaining more listings to market.


There will be a strong focus on building and utilizing effective marketing strategies to increase conversions at the best possible price.

Focused Landed - PLS - Power Landed System

Power Up HDB (PUH)


This module serves to equip all participants with actual on the ground Action Steps, Skills, Scripts and Checklist to be competent and proifcient in closing HDB Transactions in today’s market as both a seller’s agent & buyer’s agent.

Focused HDB - PUH - Power Up HDB

Having the right mindset is a key ingredient to success in the real estate industry. The following mindset training programmes will help you to achieve that.

Mindset - PSB - Power Sales Bootcamp

Power Sales Bootcamp (PSB)


The 3 full days of training transforms one’s mindset to achieve excellence in sales and focus on understanding why agents fail in their sales.

Mindset - PLM - Power Leadership Mastery

Power Leadership Mastery (PLM)


The 2 full days of leadership training focuses on deeper inner self discovery and understanding on why they need to do well in this business.

The environment is well set up for you or your team to grow. If you set your mind and heart to learn and apply, then I am sure you will do well. Your destiny is in your hands.

6. Other Major Benefits of a PropNex Singapore property agent


PropNex Singapore has a healthcare benefits scheme for its property agents.


This scheme provides them with subsidised rates at over 500 general practitioners, dentists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Singapore.


This is known as PX Medicare and was launched in 2018 in partnership with MHC Asia.


There are two other major benefits for property agents who are appointed Team Leaders.


The first is the spouse protection scheme and the second is the loyalty pension bonus programme.


If you are keen to know more about the details, please feel free to check with me.


P.S. PropNex Singapore property agents also have access to the SoReal Property App which is a fantastic tool that grants access to live data and at the same time reducing the cost of doing business.


This app is the result of a collaboration between PropNex Singapore, ERA Realty and Huttons Asia.


I believe some other real estate agencies have also come on board as it is a fantastic platform.


This is not an app that is exclusive to PropNex Singapore but do note that only some real estate agencies have access to this.

7. Great Modern Office


Well, this does not contribute directly to help property agents close more deal but it is always nice to go to a comfortable and modern office. Isn’t that true?


It will be a great place to meet your clients and cobroke agents.


The beautiful main photo used on this page was taken by the team at Rezt n Relax, the interior design firm who were tasked with the makeover for PropNex Singapore’s office.


Check out these awesome pics of PropNex Singapore’s office put up at Rezt n Relax.

Real Estate Career Talk


There you go.


7 great reasons to join PropNex Singapore as a property agent.


PropNex Singapore conducts twice monthly real estate career talk in the evenings. This talk is suitable for you,


  • if you want to find out more about the real estate industry
  • if you are taking the RES course or have passed the RES exam and are looking for a property agency to join
  • if you are an existing property agent and are thinking of switching property agency


The next session will be held on the following date at PropNex Singapore from 7.30pm to 9pm:


  • Wednesday: 25 March 2020


If you are interested, please get in touch with me so that I can register you for the talk. We can meet up for a chat just before the talk.


Take The Next Step


Having recently crossed over to PropNex Singapore/ Powerful Negotiators Group with my team on 1 January 2019, I am very excited about the journey ahead.


I am looking for like-minded people with a strong desire to succeed to go this journey with me. Prior to joining PropNex Singapore, I spent many wonderful years at my previous real estate agency.


My blog post “Stepping forward into growth in 2019“, sheds light on the rationale behind my move.


If you would like to know more about what it is like to work with me, please visit my testimonials page.


Are you ready to embark on your real estate career in Singapore or continue your real estate journey with me at PropNex Singapore?


Or do you still have unanswered questions in your mind?


Get in touch and let us have a chat.


And before you go, you may want to read about this episode I had back during my first year in real estate.

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