A Guide For Life

A Guide For Life

A career in real estate is one of the very few jobs (it is actually really a business) that gives you the opportunity to be of assistance and service through a client’s life journey.

Paulo & Min (foreigners) had graduated from NUS not long ago when they first contacted me sometime in 2011. They were looking to share and rent a condo together with Paulo’s sister who had just started her undergrad studies at SMU at that time.

They wanted to tap on my experience to help them find something suitable and guide them through their first-ever whole unit rental in Singapore.

We managed to find something that they liked and a deal was concluded with minimal fuss. Their stay at the new place was pleasant and I was glad to have played a part in helping them to navigate their first real estate milestone in Singapore.

Looking for property to buy

Fast forward to December 2017. Paulo & Min are now married and are both Singapore permanent residents. They are doing well in their respective careers and are now ready to purchase their first property in Singapore and want my involvement.

We saw a number of resale properties over the next few months and they eventually narrowed down their choice to Double Bay Residences (resale condo) in the east. It was just a matter of waiting for the right unit to be put up for sale at the right price.

The wait took a while. It was more than ten months later before something interesting surfaced in Double Bay again and we made an appointment to see the place together with Paulo’s mum (whom I shall call Auntie from this point on) who was in Singapore.

After seeing the Double Bay resale unit (unfortunately not suitable), I recommended that they take a look at the new launch project nearby, Treasure at Tampines, which was recently launched for sale. As they had been my clients for some time, I had the feeling that this new launch could be suitable for them.

The newly launched condo nearby

My hunch turned out to be right. It was love at first sight for them. They were impressed with the practical layout and the very good sized master bedroom. They also felt comfortable with the neighbourhood.

Look at the amount of space in the master bedroom
Paulo and Min were impressed with the amount of space in the master bedroom.

For a new launch, Treasure at Tampines is expected to be the best-priced development for the whole of 2019 (& possibly 2020) because the developer got the land early during the en bloc wave in 2017 and 2018. The pricing was perfect for them as it was well within what they were prepared to put into their first property.

This new launch was very suitable for them from various angles.

They liked what they saw, understood the project’s unique selling points and decided to go ahead and purchase a 3 bedroom unit the very next day. Auntie was mightily pleased with their decision (she likes Treasure at Tampines too!) and the fact that her son and daughter-in-law have hit a new milestone in their life journey.

You’ve watched them grow

When the deal was inked, she remarked that I had journeyed with Paulo and Min ever since they first sought my help eight years ago. The whole family had absolute trust in my recommendation and she was very thankful for my advice and guidance to them through the years.

Although I have been in the real estate industry for some time now, the words from Auntie really meant a lot to me. It is an absolute privilege when a client chooses to trust and work with me exclusively to help them.

Their trust and commitment to me enable me to give my best to them. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to assist and guide them on the real estate journey.

I do have other clients who have been working with me exclusively since day one but Paulo and Min are extra special because they are my youngest clients and I have been helping them since they graduated.

Although they are young, they exercised good judgement and decisiveness which are commonly lacking in buyers who keep lamenting about missing the boat or reminiscing about the past.

The fact that this young couple acted fast also meant that they got a good deal for their Treasure at Tampines unit at the early launch phase. Many buyers do not understand how new launches work and the advantages of getting one and getting in early.

A pic with the sales team (all ladies!) who did a great job showcasing the virtues of Treasure at Tampines to my clients. My heartiest congrats to my fresh associate, Glenda (2nd from right), for closing her first ever real estate transaction!
A pic with the sales team (all ladies!) who did a great job showcasing the virtues of Treasure at Tampines to my clients. My heartiest congrats to my fresh associate, Glenda (2nd from right), for closing her first ever real estate transaction!

Where are you at right now?

What stage of your real estate journey are you at right now?

Are you looking for someone to assist and journey with you too?

If you are looking for someone who is experienced with the Singapore property market, friendly and easy to talk to, please contact me for a chat.

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