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Jack Sheo is a licensed and certified Singapore property agent. He has been helping clients in the sale, purchase and leasing of both residential and commercial real estate in Singapore since 2010.


A firm believer in how technology shapes the habits and behaviours of consumers, Jack Sheo marries the best forms of traditional real estate marketing with modern day marketing strategies to achieve the desired outcome for his clients.


When it comes to helping buyers and tenants with their real estate needs, Jack’s attentiveness to details and listening to what they need enables him to recommend the most suitable properties that meet their needs. This makes the whole process a smooth and efficient one.


Testimonials from clients who have worked with Jack Sheo is a testament to the level of quality and professionalism he consistently delivers. Read what clients say about his work here.


Frequently described as jovial and approachable, Jack Sheo welcomes the opportunity to chat or meet up with you to discuss your real estate needs. He can be reached @ +65-9337-8483.

Singapore property agent, Jack Sheo
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Help me sell my house

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