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Website Redesign and Web Hosting with Site5

Website redesign and web hosting research

The redesign for this website was completed last week and this new look went live on Tuesday. This is the fourth version since my first property website went live in 2010 . Coming from an internet marketing background, I have always had a keen interest in web design. The previous look felt dated and I decided 6 months ago it was time for a new look.

The building process

This version took the longest to put together as I took the time to conceptualise and experiment with different look and feel. When everything was finalised, a considerable amount of time was also spent tweaking and migrating the contents. If you had visited my previous website before, you may notice that some of the posts available previously are no longer around. This is because I decided not to migrate posts that are no longer relevant. If for some reason you would like to have access to them, just drop me a note.

Web hosting

Right from the beginning, my websites have always been hosted in servers that are in the United States. My experience with the United States based web hosting companies has always been good. The 24 hours live chat support that they provide is good and the web hosting price plans they have over there are way more attractively priced compared to the price plans in Singapore.

As part of the redesign this time round, I also reviewed my web hosting needs. Most of the traffic experienced by this website originates from Singapore which is logically so. The rest of the traffic comes from all over the world. During this web hosting review, I found out that more web hosting providers are starting to have servers located at various parts of the world. What this means is you can choose a server location that is close to where your visitors are from and if there is a need to switch this server location from Singapore to maybe Hong Kong or the US, you can easily do so without the need to switch web hosting provider.

If these web hosting providers have CloudFlare integrated with their servers, your website will load faster because the web contents can be served from whichever server is closest to the person visiting the website. This can only be a good thing.


After a few days of intensive research and asking questions (spoke to about ten providers), I decided to migrate my websites to Site5 and use their Singapore data center. These are the main reasons:

      • Site5 has an easy to use control panel
      • Site5 has servers in 22 locations around the world
      • Site5 provides free website migration from your current host to them
      • Site5 also provides a host of other guarantees that you can read up on their website

But very importantly, I had a fantastic customer service experience when talking to two of Site5’s support staff via live chat (very long chat!) on two different occasions. Their response was very prompt, all my questions were satisfactorily answered and their professionalism left a very good impression on me. Online reviews about Site5 were also overwhelmingly positive. Oh, and Site5 is a green company too.

You may want to take a serious look at Site5 if you are looking for a web host. Like many web hosting companies out there, Site5 will provides existing clients like me with credits for any new sign ups that are referred to them. If you found my sharing useful, you can click on the logo below to visit Site5’s website and see if they are suitable for you.


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