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The Interlace - A home where space, nature and community meet

The Interlace by Ole Scheeren

The Interlace is a big (by Singapore standard) private residential project located beside the junction of Alexandra Road and Lower Delta Road. Designed by renowned architect Ole Scheeren (then with OMA) and developed by Capitaland, The Interlace sits on the site previously occupied by Gillman Heights and was completed in end 2013.

6 November 2015 update: The Interlace has been awarded the World Building of The Year 2015 at the World Architecture Festival.

In the video below, Trends editorial director, Paul Taylor, looks at Ole Scheeren’s dramatic design for The Interlace.

The Interlace – slipping under buyers’ radar?

The “stacked” design that The Interlace adopts is one that divides views. Based on my interaction with clients and fellow Singapore property agents, there seem to be a sizable number of people out there who feel that The Interlace is not for them just because “the blocks look odd and not nice”. I hear such comments very often.

If you are a serious home buyer, to write off The Interlace just because of its unconventional look could end up being a big regret. The Interlace actually has a lot to offer its occupants.

What is great about The Interlace?


1. Size

Other than price, the number one complaint from buyers of new condos in Singapore nowadays is the sizes of the units. This has been the trend for many years – the newer the condo, the smaller the unit. In the rare event the unit has a generous size, chances are very high the unit is in a prime district and would thus be asking for a much higher price.

I visited The Interlace shortly after it achieved TOP towards the end of 2013. The unit I saw that day was a three bedroom unit with a size of 1,464sqft. The thing that struck me when I entered the unit was how spacious the bedrooms were. The two common bedrooms could comfortably accommodate a king sized bed while the master bedroom could accommodate not one but two king sized beds! This is a rarity among new condos and I was pleasantly surprised.

Among the new condos that I have seen over the years, The Interlace is the only new condo I saw that bucks the trend. The floor area is extremely spacious and will meet the living needs of many buyers.

2. Community

I was back at The Interlace two Sundays ago with a foreign buyer who is in the process of relocating to Singapore and need a new home for his family. Coming from Dubai where apartments are big, his criteria for his new home included things like great space, good location, relatively new and with reasonable pricing. He also preferred a place where there is good communal space with opportunities for residents to interact or when friends visit and want to stay outdoors but within the condo.

When he saw the communal space, the buyer exclaimed, “Gosh, look at the community! The Interlace is is like a township in itself!”. Although there are 1,040 units in The Interlace, the place has never felt crowded when I visit. In fact it feels very comfortable and nice to see residents moving within the compound, interacting and going about their activities.

Anyone who feels that there is gonna be too many people in The Interlace should really make the trip down and have a look at the place themselves. You will be amazed.

3. Pricing

For a brand new development with a full range of facilities that is not far from the city centre, the pricing is also very reasonable in my opinion. Go do your own homework and compare for yourself.

The good news

There are still direct developer units available for sale in The Interlace! I feel the main reason is because The Interlace is still under the radar for a lot of serious buyers out there who do not know much about the product.

In order to take out the hassle of renovating, designing and furnishing that comes with a new home, the designer series in The Interlace was launched recently that does just that for the buyer. These units are fully-fitted and fall under one of five design styles. All the buyer needs to do is move in. You should come see for yourself what a splendid work the designers have done with these units. They are reasonably priced too.

If you prefer to do the renovation work yourself, there are bare units available for selection too.

“The search can stop”

After my foreign buyer saw two of the designer units on that Sunday, he turned to me and with a smile on his face, said, “Jack, the search can stop. I like The Interlace and we do not have to see any other condos”.

The following Monday evening, I was back at The Interlace with an expat tenant who has been in Singapore for 10 years and looking for a change in environment. When I first met this family and suggested that they take a look at The Interlace, the wife turned me down, saying she did not like the facade. But I told her to keep an open mind and decide again after she has seen the inside. So we went to The Interlace on that Monday and, lo and behold, the husband said the same thing to me after seeing just one unit – “Jack, the search can stop. Get us a good unit in The Interlace. We do not want to see any other condos”.

Last word

I am quite certain that in time to come, positive word of mouth will start to spread about The Interlace and demand for units here will start to grow. Are you a serious home buyer that has been lamenting the lack of space in the newer condos? If yes, I would like to invite you to come take a look at The Interlace before everything gets snapped up. Your search may well end at The Interlace too. I would be happy to help. Contact me.

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