Stepping forward into growth in 2019

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OrangeTee TOP 52nd Achiever 2017

After much delay (just about 2 months shy of 2019), I finally picked up this trophy recently for my year 2017 performance last month.

2017 was a memorable year for OrangeTee as it joined forces with Edmund Tie to form Singapore’s 3rd largest real estate agency with about 4,000 property agents. Over the years, OrangeTee has continued to innovate and evolve in Singapore’s ever-changing real estate landscape. It has a good brand image and provides a good spectrum of real estate services.

On a personal note, I am happy that I have continued to deliver results for clients who have chosen to entrust me with their properties and real estate needs all these years. The awards received and testimonials written by happy & grateful clients are things that I hold dear to. They have been great reminders for me to continue giving my best.

A quote by Abraham Maslow

However, a very recent chance encounter and a quote by Abraham Maslow set me thinking. The quote says, “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.“. These set me on a path of self-reflection and then I realised that I may have gotten too comfortable in my current environment the last few years.

step forward into growth or step back into safety - v2

Continued personal growth and development

Like OrangeTee, I also see the importance to continuously seek and strive for personal growth and development so as to serve the needs of my clients in the best possible way. The self reflection piqued my curiosity as to what lies beneath my comfort zone. Where is my next stage of growth going to come from? What lies in store out there?

After much serious consideration, I have decided to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and to seek growth in a new real estate agency and environment in 2019. My close knit team will be going on this new journey with me and I thank them for their trust in me.

Will the move pan out as planned? I do not know right now. But if I do not take this step forward, I will never know.

Are you also at the cross road of your career?

Are you going to step forward into growth?

Or are you going to step back into safety?

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