Sell to me cheap lah!

The buyer steps into the house and goes,

“This kind of unit number sure take very long to sell!”

“This kind of neighbourhood who will want to buy?”

“Whoever buys this place will need to do a lot of reno!”

“It is going to take you very long to sell. Sell to me cheap lah!”

The conversation above took place just last week in a house that I was marketing. If you are the owner of the house, how would you feel?

As a buyer, there is no better way to kill a deal. This is probably the worst possible way to try and negotiate for a good price. If you truly like a property but have limited funds, I would advise you to show genuine appreciation for the place. Build up your rapport with the owner or owner’s agent. If they like you enough and find you serious and genuine, they may be willing to lower their price.

Despite the “many faults” of the house, the house was sold two days later at a much higher price than what that buyer offered, to an appreciative buyer. Both the buyer and seller were happy. Total time on market was less than 3 weeks because the property was priced right.

What is your preferred way to negotiate for a property that you really like?

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