OrangeTee & Tie Leadership In-Action Camp 2018 - Jack Sheo

OrangeTee & Tie Leadership In-Action Camp 2018

OrangeTee & Tie Leadership In-Action Camp 2018

OrangeTee & Tie conducted its 4th Leadership In-Action Camp over at The Canopi (Bintan) from 17 to 19 January 2018. The camp is is an annual event meant for team leaders within the agency.

After missing out on the previous three editions, I seized the opportunity to attend this latest edition the moment I found out I could make the dates.

As leaders from the various groups within OrangeTee came together at The Canopi, we had the opportunity to get to know one another better in a relaxed learning environment. This is especially important as OrangeTee has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of property agent headcount (3rd largest in Singapore right now) over the last one year with the merger of OrangeTee and Edmund Tie (formerly DTZ). This is on top of a sizeable number of experienced property agents from various real estate agencies who joined because they believed in the direction OrangeTee is heading towards.

The theme for this year’s training is “Lead a successful sales team and foster a common camaraderie through effective communication”. Through the series of games and classroom lessons, we were reminded and given fresh impetus on the subject matter. Minds were opened and refreshed. New friendships were forged.

Best Day of My Life

Besides the training theme, the song “Best day of my life” was the chosen theme song for the camp. The camp committee used the song to remind everyone of us that there is always a way to make any day the best day of your life. This is an apt selection and especially important for our line of work where we face daily challenges. Having a strong positive mindset is one key ingredient to achieving success in the real estate industry.

Campfire Closing

We ended the final night with a nice BBQ dinner by the lagoon followed by a nice campfire under the starry night sky. It was a beautiful way to end the event.

Final Thoughts

My first Leadership-In-Action Camp was a good experience. The Canopi is a beautiful resort and a wonderful venue for both relaxation and learning. I am looking forward to apply what was taught in the exciting year ahead.

I leave you with the camp’s theme song, “Best day of my life”.

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