OrangeTee overall TOP 24th Achiever for 2016

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OrangeTee Business Conference 2017

OrangeTee held its 2017 business conference last Friday to honour the agency’s top property agents and had invited guest speakers (from Google, DREA, NUS, Master Concepts) to touch on the topic, “reinventing service excellence”. The speakers how Singapore property agents could embrace existing and emerging technologies in order to thrive and provide excellent service to clients in an ever changing business landscape.

During the conference, we were told confidence and professionalism were the two qualities that were most highly valued by clients who had engaged an OrangeTee property agent to act for them in 2016. To me, confidence comes from experience and knowledge while professionalism comes from an inner desire to continue to hone your skills and competence. These are qualities that all property agents must have in order to stay relevant and be an invaluable asset to consumers.

OrangeTee Top Achievers 2016

Personally, it has been another year of learning and growth in 2016. My efforts in 2016 placed me as the overall TOP 24th achiever in OrangeTee. To all my treasured clients and fellow property agents that I have had the opportunity to work with in 2016, thank you for partnering with me. My deepest gratitude goes to my wife and my kids for their unstinting support throughout my journey as a property agent.

May 2017 bring forth greater cheer to all stakeholders in the property market.

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