OLA Executive Condo – Marketing Master Class

OLA executive condo - Eva Armisen drawings

Real Estate Marketing Master Class

Last Thursday afternoon’s real estate marketing experience left me speechless.

In the last couple of weeks…

Have you tuned in to the radio?

Or perhaps watched some YouTube videos?

Logged in to Instagram or Facebook?

Read the papers or watched the TV?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then I am fairly certain you would have heard or seen adverts for OLA?

OLA Executive Condo

OLA is a brand new executive condo (only Singaporeans can buy) located in Sengkang that is open for preview right now.

Nothing special about that as there are a lot of new condos (non-EC) and a number of new executive condos for sale right now.

But I do not think there is any other new condo that is more prominent in terms of market exposure than OLA right now

Ok, maybe The M by Wing Tai captured the market’s imagination over the weekend of 22 & 23 Feb 2020 but that opening day launch event is over now.

Now, let’s get back to OLA.

OLA executive condo is created with Spanish influence

A museum tour

OLA tagger Darrel Mok (presenter) took a couple of us for a mini-tour of OLA last Thursday afternoon when the show flat was not crowded.

Darrel shared that OLA is a branded executive condo with Spanish influence.

He also explained the whole concept behind this development.

Next, we were introduced to this interesting looking chandelier that had a lot of fairy art pieces on it.

Moving on, we were ushered to the next zone which felt like a visit to an art gallery.

This zone featured many paintings revolving around the family.

The paintings are by celebrated artist, 𝘌𝘷𝘢 𝘈𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘯.

Now, in all honesty, I do not know Eva Armisen.

But I 😍 𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 😍 the paintings and I was instantly drawn to them.

Perhaps this is because I have a family?

These paintings will eventually be hung up at various spots within OLA and I have no doubt that they will add a fantastic family feel to the estate.

I was already feeling good as the art gallery brought out the family man in me.

You know… that sense of home feeling? 💗

OLA executive condo - fairy chandelier
A unique chandelier made up of many fairies. How much do you think each fairy cost?
Art gallery featuring works by Eva Armisen.
Art gallery featuring works by Eva Armisen.
Kids' activity corner with a wall featuring Eva Armisen's work
Kids' activity corner with a wall featuring Eva Armisen's work

After the tour of the art gallery ended, we were introduced to the works by Llardo, the leader in porcelain art creations.

Again, I do not know who Lladro is.

However, I have not been hibernating and have seen these porcelain creations (The Guest) before 😉

The Guest - Porcelain art creation by Lladro

Activites at OLA

We were then introduced to the range of activities that would be OLA owners would get to enjoy.

These include,

⭐ Baking & culinary classes

⭐ Yoga

⭐ Dancing (in OLA’s very own Flamenco Studio)

⭐ Aqua Taekwondo

⭐ Swimming lessons for kids

⭐ Soccer Classes for kids by Real Madrid Foundation Football School

Very interesting! ❣️

I could already see myself staying here and imagining how my family would use and engage in the various activities 💗

“Hey Darrel, show me the show unit already! 🤤🤤🤤“

“Chill bro, not yet.”

The list of activities that await an OLA resident. Including football classes by Real Madrid Football School!
Extensive classes and activities to look for ward to at OLA
Extensive classes and activities to look for ward to at OLA

Next up was the smart home section which I will not touch on much.

Basically, you can control various parts of the house via your handphone app.

The whole show flat was set up like a big family carnival as this is what OLA is essentially all about.

If you are part of a family nucleus, it will surely tug at your heartstrings.

After this 45 minutes tour experience, I felt like I was very ready to buy.

It was a #TakeMyMoney moment.

Then came something I was 200% not expecting.

And what a smart move this is.

Excuse me, what did you just say?

“The show unit is not ready for viewing.”


Oh, come on!! 😭😭😭

Only privileged buyers who have submitted their e-application will be invited to see the show unit when it is ready.


Made the buyer so high but cannot see without submitting an e-application to indicate interest to buy a unit.

What do you think a genuine buyer (family nucleus only) looking to buy something will do at this stage?


The marketing experience

The whole viewing experience was simply amazing.

I have been to countless show flats.

From mass-market ones to ultra-luxurious ones …

But I have never felt as engaged as when I was in OLA.

I heard a lot of buyers who have seen have gone 𝙊-𝙇𝙖-𝙇𝙖.

Not surprising at all to hear that OLA is very well received and has received many e-applications.

I am expecting OLA to do well.

Are you shopping around for something or want to experience a different kind of real estate marketing?

Seize the opportunity to see OLA with me before the carnival ends on Sunday (1 Mar 2020).

Let’s get you your viewing appointment fast.

And for marketing folks, you can take a leaf out of what they are doing here.

Please take note of the following dates

⭐ 1 March 2020 : e-application closes at 2359 hours

⭐ 19 to 20 March 2020: Pricing and preview of show units to buyers. Balloting number will be issued.

⭐ 21 March 2020: Booking day

⭐ 22 March 2020: Open to public

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