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Hectic January 2019 ends

Crossing into February 2019 with the Chinese New Year beckoning, my first month since my move to PropNex on 1 Jan 2019 together with my team, Jack Sheo Associates, has been nothing less than I expected.

Besides getting to grips with a new IT platform and new agency environment, it has been a hectic month where my Google calendar (on top of my 3 kids starting their new school year) was filled with a number of group level training and agency level orientation sessions as I sought to get familiar with how the Powerful Negotiators Group run their multitudes of intensive training programs, gain new knowledge and elevate my skill set.

The training programs cover a wide spectrum of segments catering to the varied training needs and interests of the property agents. It has been some time since I last attended such high quality, in-depth and intensive training sessions. The sessions have been both energizing and enlightening. Based on just our first month’s experience alone, our crossover has met and far exceeded our expectations.

I have done a separate write up on why PropNex Singapore should be your agency of choice if you are looking to embark on a career in real estate or thinking of changing real estate agency soon. Be sure to check it out if this is something of interest to you. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Real estate work

On a separate and happy note, my real estate work this month has certainly matched the training sessions in intensity. My work in January yielded the conclusion of 1 private property sale transaction where the price achieved was a 10-year record high in the development, 1 private property purchase transaction and 7 private property rental transactions. Is this linked to my crossover? I do not think so. But the crossover has certainly ignited the fire in my belly!

Now back to the transactions. Truth be told, it is no joke handling 7 property rental transactions in a month. If you ask me, I would very much prefer to handle just 2 to 3 rental closures per month (my priority is still in property sales). There is a lot of work involved when you handle rentals but I am very thankful to my clients for entrusting their properties solely to me and leaving them in my care.

To top it off, I received an unsolicited job offer from a new foreign client who saw something in me when I was helping him with his property deal. I turned him down but his gesture certainly made my day 🙂

Coming up in February 2019

February 2019 promises to be another exciting and hectic month as I look forward to attending 4 full days (possibly more if time permits) of intensive training and skill set upgrading after the Chinese New Year holidays. This will work in parallel with the marketing work I will be doing for the properties that I currently have on hand for sale and for rent. Look out for a beautiful ground floor unit that will be hitting the resale market very very soon.

In the upcoming Year Of The Pig, I wish you, 諸事順利, 諸事吉祥!

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