Help me sell my house

When will it happen?

One of the most common questions a new property agent has, is if there would be any owners who would get them to sell their house or property considering they are “brand new”. And when the seller calls to meet up, what would it be like? I remember vividly my first ever presentation and have shared the following story with many new real estate agents.

Help me sell my house

One day in April 2010, I received my first ever call from someone who shared with me his intention to sell his property. He wanted to meet up with me to discuss the possibility of appointing me to market his property for him. It set my pulse racing. Having entered the real estate industry with zero network, I had waited for this day since I completed my new agent training. Finally I could put into practice what  have been taught to me in class. This is the real thing!

I prepared for the appointment earnestly and turned up punctually for the 2pm appointment on a Saturday afternoon. Both husband and wife were waiting for me and we chatted over drinks. The sharing session went well and I answered all the questions they had for me. At the end of the session, they told me that they would be talking to two more agents before deciding who to appoint.

The first one was the real estate agent who sold the property to them while the other was a very prominent real estate agent in that district. Wow, very strong competitors!

The wait for news

I had given my best shot and all I could do was wait. About 2 weeks later, I received the following message late one night.

Help me sell my house

And that’s how I clinched my first ever exclusive appointment to market a property for sale! Shortly after that, I met up with the owner to sign the appointment letter. I asked what made them decide to appoint me and she was very upfront with me. She said that the very prominent real estate agent in the district had very impressive credentials while I had nothing to show for. But in the end, they decided to appoint me because they could feel my sincerity and they felt more comfortable with me. I still remember her parting words to this day – “Do not disappoint us!

Pamela became the first ever seller to appoint me as sole agent to sell a property. She also wrote me my first ever testimonial and has been a client since. Drawing on the experience and confidence gained from this first presentation, I have since gone on to have many more productive sharing sessions & discussions with sellers looking for a real estate agent they can work with, to help them sell their property. I hope this short story of mine inspires anyone looking for a breakthrough in a new field and is up against strong competition. Have a positive mindset and give it your best shot!

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