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This Singapore property blog is a collection of my thoughts, stories and experiences from the time I entered Singapore’s real estate industry as a property agent way back in 2010.


If you have an interest in Singapore real estate or enjoy reading personal stories, then these entries could be insightful or interesting reading for you.


Please feel free to reach out to me just to say hi or perhaps to get a second opinion about any real estate situation you may currently be in.


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Property Asset Progression: The Definitive Guide


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One of the most common but critical factors in deciding the outcome of a successful property sale is getting what the property is...

While doing research on the internet one late night last week, I stumbled upon a simple yet elegant standalone website that was promoting...

A career in real estate is one of the very few jobs (it is actually really a business) that gives you the opportunity...

Heartiest congratulations to my associate, Adeline Gan, for achieving the 2nd runner up position in the landed property sales segment (whole of PropNex...

My first month since crossing over to PropNex on 1 Jan 2019 together with my team, Jack Sheo Associates, has been nothing less...

As we cross into 2019, I’m now officially a registered Property Agent with PropNex Realty together with associates from my group, Jack Sheo...

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