Why join OrangeTee?

Before I share about why you should join OrangeTee, let me give you a bit of background about the company. OrangeTee is a Singapore based real estate agency that was started in Year 2000. Over the years, OrangeTee has grown from about 50 agents in the beginning to a team that currently consists of more than 2,500 management and support staff, real estate agents and property management specialists. OrangeTee offers a full suite of real estate services.


My OrangeTee journey

I joined OrangeTee in May 2010, one month before they moved into their own brand new, OrangeTee Building, in Toa Payoh. To be honest, I did not know much about OrangeTee before the decision to join them. The topic of joining OrangeTee was brought up to me by my late mentor, Kam Choo Choo. In Singapore’s real estate industry, it is not uncommon for the whole team to leave and join another real estate agency when the team leader decides to move. Having joined Choo Choo for only a few months, I naturally followed her to OrangeTee without much thought.


My OrangeTee experience

After I made the move to OrangeTee, I started to discover for myself, what a wonderful organisation OrangeTee is. OrangeTee has a culture that is very supportive of its own real estate agents – it is always thinking of ways to see how they can be better supported in their business. From constantly rolling out new IT tools to coming up with policies that are pro agents, OrangeTee has all areas covered. There is also a strong emphasis on developing the core values of Trust, Innovation, Excellence and Care so that long term, trusting relationships can be built with customers, business partners and communities.


Awards garnered by OrangeTee recently

Awards garnered by OrangeTee

Tokyu Livable – Anchor investor in OrangeTee

On 26 May 2014, OrangeTee welcomed Tokyu Livable as an anchor investor in OrangeTee. One of the largest real estate service providers in Japan, Tokyu Livable is headquartered in Tokyo and has 137 offices across the country. Tokyu Livable is part of Tokyu Group and its immediate parent company is Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation.


What OrangeTee offers

There are many good reasons for both new and experienced agents alike to join OrangeTee. I have compiled below, a list of questions that any real estate agents looking to join a real estate agency should ask. I welcome you to get in touch with me for a chat so that I can answer the questions below and any other questions that you may have.

1) Demonstrate the IT system that they have.

2) Ask if they have a retirement scheme.

3) Ask if they have any legal subsidy for their agents.

4) Ask if they offer any extra discount/subsidy beyond the standard 20% discount for SPH advertisements.

5) Ask if they have in house designers to design flyers/brochures. If yes, what is the cost?

6) Ask if they do advance deduction for business conferences and D&D regardless of attendance.

7) Ask how long it takes for an agent to enjoy two tier management income.

8) Ask what happens to the outstanding management income when an agent leaves the company.

9) Ask if they have a full range of CPD programs (both core & non-core) and how much they charge per activity.

10) Ask what type of meeting room facilities they have and whether you have to pay to use them.

11) Ask what kind of incentive schemes they have for rookies.

12) Ask if they have a full time research team churning out market analysis to keep their agents informed and educated.

13) Ask if they have the ability to do en bloc sale.

14) Ask if they charge any fees for doing stamping (rental).

15) Ask if they have in house risograph machine for you to print your flyers.

16) Ask if they have dedicated IT support.

17) Ask how their commission is paid out.

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Photo credit: Flickr/Markus Spiske