Join the Singapore real estate industry – how Jack started.

Jack embarked on his real estate career in Singapore after spending 7 years in the corporate world with a global MNC and 3 years as an instructor in Kumon.


His years spent at the MNC was nothing more than work and a means for him to pay his bills.


Subsequently, he became an instructor at Kumon when his wife had to take time off from her responsibilities to look after their kids.


The 3 years spent in Kumon were satisfying but Jack could not see himself staying in a classroom environment and working with children for the rest of my life.


A career in real estate was something that Jack had always contemplated ever since he started working. The move was finally sealed when he chanced upon the blog article written by the late Kam Choo Choo in late 2009.


After years of pondering, Jack met up with Kam Choo Choo after reading that article and to his great delight, Kam Choo Choo agreed to take him under her wings.


He had found the mentor who would guide him to do things the right way – professionally, ethically and legally.


9 Great Reasons To Embark On A Real Estate Career in Singapore

1) The real estate business allows you to become an entrepreneur and move away from the trappings of traditional employment.


2) The real estate business allows you to meet and interact with a wide range of people of diverse backgrounds.


3) The real estate business is a recession-proof business. People buy and sell properties in both good and bad times.


4) Real estate agents/Real estate salespersons who are successful in this business earn good income.


5) Real estate agents/Real estate salespersons enjoy time flexibility.


6) Real estate agents/Real estate salespersons get to negotiate deals that go into millions. They have a crucial role to play in closing deals. How many jobs give you such an opportunity?


7) As you gain more experience and your network grows in this business, your value and ability to close deals increases. You get to increase your earning power by leveraging on your network and experience.


This is not always true in traditional employment. In traditional employment, your earning power is usually in direct correlation with the amount of time & responsibility you need to put into your work.


8) The real estate industry is now being regulated by the government body, CEA (Council for Estate Agencies). Industry standards are improving. Professionalism is on the rise. Better qualified people are joining every day.


9) A home is one of our most basic needs. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we play an important part in fulfilling that need?


Did Jack have any regrets about coming into this line?


Yes. He should have cleared whatever doubts he had and joined earlier!


Having said that, the truth is not everyone who comes into this line succeeds.


The turnover rate is very high because most tend to give up too fast and too easily.


They come into this industry without having the right mindset.


You may want to read about this episode Jack had back during his first year in real estate.


What kind of mindset do you think or feel is required to do well in this line?


Join Jack Sheo

The next thing you would need to do is to look for someone who could be a mentor to you.


Jack has not looked back since he came into real estate and during this period of time, he has steadily built up his expertise and reputation in this business.


Jack is currently an Associate Division Director with the Powerful Negotiators Group at Propnex Singapore.


Jack welcomes like-minded people who have the following qualities to join him,

      • passionate about delivering excellent customer service
      • self-motivated with a strong desire to succeed
      • strong desire to provide value to the people you encounter
      • min Diploma or GCE A levels qualifications


Last but not least, you would need to be a Singaporean or PR in order to enrol yourself in the Real Estate Salesperson course (RES course).


You do not need any prior sales, service or marketing experience as training will be provided.

Reasons to join PropNex Singapore

Join PropNex Singapore

Why should you join Jack at PropNex Singapore?


Check out the 7 GREAT reasons you should join PropNex Singapore.


Jack welcomes the opportunity to meet up with qualified and motivated individuals (both rookies and experienced agents) for a chat.


And before you go, do drop by his Singapore Property Blog where he shares about his experiences and encounters in his real estate journey.

A 12-Year Old Contacted Me

I had a most surreal moment when I received a message from a 12-year old boy a few nights ago. See our exchange on WhatsApp below.

Singapore Property Agent Career - Javier
A 12-year old with great maturity contacted me. What a surreal and inspirational moment!

The 12-year old boy exhibited very rare determination and maturity for someone so young. He also took definitive steps to seek someone who could explain to him how he could become a property agent one day and the results he needs.


He certainly possesses the ingredients to do well in whatever he chooses to do. At that moment, I was inspired by his actions and words.


What about you?


By reading up to this point, you would have already taken at least that first step to becoming a property agent in Singapore.


Are you going to continue moving forward?

definitive step in the right direction
Tip toe if you must. But take the step.
What is it like to work with Jack?
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