A Personal Update

A personal update

A Prospect Reaches Out

“Hey Jack, are you still active in real estate?”

“Haven’t seen any new posts on your website for some time.”

I received the above message from a Singaporean homeowner a few days ago.

Based overseas, this lady first got in touch with me about two years ago to inquire about real estate matters.

Seeing that there hadn’t been any updates on my website for some time, she wondered if I was still active.

My answer?

100% 😉

What’s Happening?

Are you aware that Singapore’s property market was pretty hot in 2021?

For the whole of 2021,

  • HDB resale prices rose by 12.7%


  • Prices of non-landed properties (condos) rose by 9.8%


  • Prices of landed properties rose by 13.3%


  • Rental prices of HDB flats rose by 10.4%


  • Rental prices of private properties rose by 9.8% (CCR), 9.5% (OCR) & 11.1% (OCR) respectively


  • Developers sold 13,027 private residential new homes compared to 9,982 in 2020


Against this backdrop, I was busy with meetups (both physical & zoom) and attending to both sales & rental transactions.

Achieved Super Gold just prior to this post.
Placed in the top 2% in the agency with this Top Transactor award for December 2021.
Placed in the top 2% in the agency with this Top Transactor award for December 2021.

What you see above are the two latest awards (placed in agency’s top 2%) I received prior to writing this post.

Just to show you I’ve been working 😅

Interestingly, more overseas-based buyers started reaching out to me in the second half of 2021.

Check out these stats:

In 2020, 3,631 foreign buyers bought private properties in Singapore.

In 2021, this figure increased by 75.48% to 6,372.

Do you reckon the above figures came into the government’s thinking when they increased the ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty) to 30% for foreigners on 16 December 2021?

What would happen to prices had ABSD stayed at 20%?

Will the new cooling measure lead to a price correction or simply a pause in price increases?

Does this mean game over for foreign buyers?

Well, maybe not for all of them.

Two weeks ago, I had spent some time with a foreign buyer who had entered Singapore via the vaccinated travel lane (VTL).

The increase in ABSD doesn’t impact him as he is an American.

Ok, enough of this market update.

This post is supposed to be a personal update 🙂

To let you know that I’m still active in real estate.

So what have I been up to?

On A Personal Front


(a) Project Reno

For almost the entire first half of 2021, I was predominantly busy planning, taobao-ing & overseeing the renovation work for my mum’s new place.

The project took up a lot of my time (March to August).

Way too much.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had so much fun that I decided to write a post in a Facebook renovation group (Budget Reno) detailing my renovation journey & experience.

A 9,000-word post no less 😂

If you are renovating your place for the 1st time, you might find that post insightful.

My post on Buget Reno (Singapore)

By the way, please don’t be mistaken.

I was still doing real estate work that landed on my lap during that period.

And delivering results for my clients ✌🏻

I simply wasn’t actively prospecting or updating my website 🙂

(b) PSLE Year

2021 was a PSLE year for my second child.

She was among the first batch of primary six students to undergo a new PSLE scoring system.

There was a lot of ferrying & watching over her.

The usual parenting stuff, you know.

But only with greater intensity since it was a PSLE year 😅

Happy to share it all went well.

My girl is now happily settled into her first choice secondary school.

However, this new chapter in 2022 means that I have to wake up earlier every day at 5.43am (really!) to prepare breakfast for everyone… before starting my ferrying duty (4 stops!) 🚗

Day one of secondary school life!
Day one of secondary school life!

(c) Covid-19 Positive

Unfortunately, three different covid-19 episodes disrupted my family in the last quarter of 2021.

The first episode happened before my daughter’s PSLE.

That gave us a bit of a scare.

The other two episodes happened after the PSLE was over.

Oops... covid-19 positive
Oops... covid-19 positive

Thankfully, we were in the 98% group that experienced very mild symptoms.

Next best thing to happen?

My weight went down by 5kg with minimal effort.

Simply by healthy & proportionate eating while serving my isolation.

Oh yeah! 💪🏻

I’m now more conscious of what I eat.

(d) Website Revamp

Doing a website revamp is my number one priority right now.

Ok, maybe number two because making sure I deliver results for my clients will always be the number one priority.

Brainstorming for the revamp started in August 2021 when Project Reno ended.

I’m doing everything (design, content writing/re-writing & development) myself because I still retain a keen interest in web development.

I know what I want best.

Unfortunately, the various points I shared above have impacted the progress of the revamp work.

Sneak peak of my new logo
Sneak peak of my new logo

Coming Soon

So there you have it.

Why the lack of updates to this website.

The new website is probably about 50% done.

I love the look & feel of the new design & can’t wait to show it to you!

Hopefully, it can go live in quarter two of 2022.

The current website will have minimal updates from now till then.

Before I end this personal note, I want to bring your attention to the PropNex Monopoly Championship.

Propnex Monopoly Championship 2022
Propnex Monopoly Championship 2022

Happening from May 2022, you might not have heard anything about this yet.

But you will start hearing about this nationwide championship in the media very soon.

The championship is not just about having fun (of course, it is fun!).

You will gain real estate knowledge through play.

And if you end up as the grand winner?

You’ll get a cool $108k cash! 💰

This free to join championship is open to anyone above 18 years old.

Ready to have some fun & have a shot at winning some great prizes? 😉

Go sign up at the PropNex Monopoly Championship site now! 🖥️

As I finish this post, day 2 of The Year of the Tiger is nearly upon us.

May you enjoy a roaring & prosperous Year of the Tiger!


Talk to you soon!

Happy Lunar New Year! Love these cute red packets! 😍
Happy Lunar New Year! Love these cute red packets! 😍
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