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“Jack, do you do home staging for the property you sell?”

I was on the phone with homeowner Mrs Lee, when she brought the question up. Mrs Lee is one of the very rare local Singaporean homeowners that I have spoken to over the years who brought up the topic of home staging first. More often than not, I am the one who highlight how home staging can help sell properties faster when it is feasible to stage the property.

What is home staging?

Home staging is essentially dressing up the property to present it in the best possible way so as to give prospective buyers with the best possible first impression. With more buyers interested, the property that is home staged would sell faster and at a higher price compared to a similar property that is not home staged.

What does home staging involve?

The dressing up could involve the following to help set the right viewing experience,

* cleaning
* painting
* minor renovation touch up
* putting painting & artwork in the property
* putting greenery & carpet in the property
* putting suitable furniture & accessories in the property

Singapore home staging - before
Singapore home staging - after

When is home staging most appropriate?

Home staging is most appropriate for properties that are not occupied and are bare. Home staging is a worthy investment for properties that are for sale. However, from a cost point of view, it may not be worthwhile to do home staging for rental properties. Having said that, in order to increase the appeal of rental properties, rental properties should be kept clean, neat and presentable.

Who does the home staging?

In Singapore, there are a number of companies who specialise in home staging. The process usually starts with a visit to the property by the consultant followed up by a proposal and a quotation. The quotation usually covers transportation cost, furniture rental cost and the design fee (the proposal).

Home staging is an almost must do for sellers in the western countries. They understand the value of home staging well and it is done before the properties hit the market. Over the years, I have helped both locals and Caucasians sell their Singapore properties. The Caucasians will bring up the topic of home staging on their own when I talk to them. As for the local Singaporeans, when I feel home staging can help and suggest the idea to them, they are usually receptive. A prospective seller I once spoke to told me that he wanted to show the unit “as-is” and was not interested to do anything – then he ended up getting “as-is” offers instead of good offers.

Final word

As for my conversation with Mrs Lee, it went very well. It is always easier to hit the end objectives when we work with clients who share similar beliefs.

Having difficulty selling your property? Consider getting it home staged. Check out the video below.

Main photo credit: Flickr/Christian Rondeau

Staging photos credit: Houzz Singapore

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